Vast, Loathsome EP

by Drouth

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Neil Van Kanegan
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Neil Van Kanegan Awesome Black metal record. If they keep going like this, they'll be signed in no time! Favorite track: Vast, Loathsome.
flightoficarus (Metal Trenches)
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flightoficarus (Metal Trenches) Drouth has a unique sound that somehow feels dirty and primitive, yet simultaneously refined. There is a union of black, rock, and progressive elements that create a unique experience. Full review on Metal Trenches: Favorite track: Vast, Loathsome.
Brendan H
Brendan H thumbnail
Brendan H It's short but fuck me is it ever sweet. Drouth's blend of black and sludge is spot on and only getting it in such a small dose is leaving me craving for a full LP. Favorite track: Vast, Loathsome.
Silas thumbnail
Silas More excellent black metal out of Portland. Favorite track: Vast, Loathsome.
CARPAGE thumbnail
CARPAGE Stikker's vocals are as unique and stellar as they come, and the riffs are many, but the highlight of this EP is the hard driven, ass kicking drumming, can't wait for a full-length album by these guys..... Favorite track: Nine Circles By Starlight.
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"After a few listens to this track, it occurred to me just how many tricks this band has up their collective sleeve. They pull from a number of different bands’ styles and bend them with their dark will around their own vision...Each track has its own vibe of hate, desolation and paranoia that makes extreme music like this so damn powerful and interesting. It’s rare to see a project this new display such an articulate and mature sound."

"Drouth masterfully combine a variety of ingredients, including the crushing power of sludge/doom, the ripping savagery of black metal, and dark, vibrating melodies that coil around your head like thorned serpents...Vast, Loathsome is the kind of genre-bending burst of creativity that deserves to be spread like the plague."
-No Clean Singing

"'Vast, Loathsome' is a good description of these three tracks, which show the band in top form and exploring new musical territory...All-in-all a fine release for fans of doom possessed under the chaotic, yet beautiful influence of black metal."
-Doomed & Stoned


released May 26, 2015

All songs by Drouth:
Matt Stikker - Guitar, Vocals, Lyrics
Dylan Morris - Bass
Chris Conway - Guitar
Patrick Fiorentino - Drums

Recorded and mixed by Fester at Haywire Studios, Portland Ore.
"Orb Weaver" mixed by Teeth Engraved
Mastered by Ryan Foster at Foster Mastering, Portland Ore.

Artwork and layout by Matt Stikker




all rights reserved


Drouth Portland, Oregon

The smell of petrichor and brass, bile and butter, rancid and black. Of orchids, asphalt, mildew and semen, of failure stripping the pride from man forever.

M. Stikker - Guitar, Vocals, Lyrics
P. Fiorentino - Drums
M. Eiseman - Guitar
C. Dieckman - Bass

Formerly known as CONTEMPT
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Track Name: Vast, Loathsome
Pale chalice before me, oracle or orifice / Cold blood stirring on the damp side of the glass / Pale sheets and knotted limbs, the light a yellow haze / I see rows of crosses kneeling by tendrils of grey // That which is broken of spirit shall ever fractured be / That which is bent ever kneel before the scythe / Smile and grasp the knife as the blood pools, an infinite well / A
certain death, an endless hell // I recall this house at the edge of my perception / A blanket of lead draped across my sodden shoulders / Is this the place where the fog parted in my nightmare? / The place of the pines—blighted, bent, conjoined like frozen limbs // Fences coiling, ensnaring their surveyors / Trapped like ships between the tides / Slipping downward, broken on the great wheel / But at the surface the fog is lifting / Wade into the yawning gulf / Wrest me from the jaws of sleep / Speak into my mouth // Face up in a loathsome dawn / Days pass, wracked and endless / Sour thirst thick upon my tongue / Last breath a pill I dare not swallow still // Face down like a wounded rat / Crushed leg dragging ever greater circles / Grasp the knife as the blood pours still / Vast wound, infinite well / A certain death, an endless hell.


"Era inútil golpear con el dedo en el cristal, delante de sus caras no se adverti a la menor reacción. Los ojos de oro seguían ardiendo con su dulce, terrible luz; seguían mirándome desde una profundidad
insondable que me daba vertigo."
Track Name: Orb Weaver
"One characteristic of hell is its unreality, which might be thought to mitigate hell’s terrors but perhaps makes them all the worse."
Track Name: Nine Circles By Starlight
Cold constellations / Pale, leering and eerie / In their streaming vault of ichor / Green, loathsome, now growing too close to be denied // Wrenched through the canvas / Into the maw of winter / Howling its sharp dismal terror / Tossed, blown like leaves before a cosmic gale // The pass, place of ill omen / Girded in obscure tongues / Gather your ashen cloak / Weaver of mortal thread / We, the oblation upon your slope / In blood beneath the starlight / Nine throats that whisper as one / Arrayed here upon you in caskets of ice // None shall thaw // Some pages once written can never be erased / Some words once spoken can never be unsaid / Some blood once spilled can never be cleaned, never made whole / Some doors once open can never be closed again.


"Just before dawn Arcturus winks ruddily from above the cemetery on the low hillock, and Coma Berenices shimmers weirdly afar off in the mysterious east; but still the Pole Star leers down from the same place in the black vault, winking hideously like an insane watching eye which strives to convey some strange message, yet recalls nothing save that it once had a message to convey. Sometimes, when it is cloudy, I can sleep."